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ClearOne Converge SR1212A | 12×12 Integrated Ethernet USB Connections Multiple Converge Units Linking Automatic Digital Matrix Mixer with 4 Channel 35W Amplifiers

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Internal Room Combining Mixer

Professional conferencing digital matrix mixer advanced, large-venue configuration with four-channel power amplifier.

The CONVERGE SR1212A is a 12×12, automatic digital matrix mixer based on ClearOne’s legacy audio clarity technology. ClearOne’s matrix mixers combine the best digital automatic microphone mixer, a built-in four-channel power amp and unmatched HDConferenceTM  audio processing power to create the strongest solution for sound reinforcement applications.

Enhanced management features, simplified configuration tools and industry-leading expandability for virtually any large venue or application, make the CONVERGE SR1212A the only choice for quality. The value of ClearOne sound reinforcement products is unbeatable as the most sophisticated, feature-rich systems on the market, offering unrivaled audio processing performance.

Key Features

  • Unmatched HDConference Audio Quality
  • Improved duplex performance to create the most natural interaction
  • Next-generation noise cancellation with adaptive modeling matches and counteracts ambient noise
  • Increased resolution on Microphone Preamp stage provides fine tuning 0-56 dB in 7 dB increments
  • D.A.R.E (Dynamic Automatic Resonance Elimination) completely controls feedback
  • First-mic priority delivers clear audio to the far end
  • 20 Hz-22 kHz bandwidth for full-range audio response
  • Automatic Gain and Level controls maintain balanced and consistent audio clarity
  • Improved Management
  • SNMP and HTML remote management give IT professionals flexible options for access
  • Event scheduler and diagnostic console for automation of updates and simplified maintenance
  • Simplified Configuration and Compatibility
    Four built-in 35 Watt amplifiers, 8 ohm or 70V/100V to power loudspeakers without additional components
  • Up to 96 microphones provide coverage for even the largest of venues
  • Link multiple Converge/Converge Pro units (Converge Pro 880, 880T, 880TA, 840T, 8i, TH20, Converge SR 1212 and SR 1212A) for extensive microphone coverage and up to 16 phone lines
  • Enhanced expansion bus, featuring 18 mix-minus audio buses for routing between units
  • Ten mic gating groups (four internal & six global) allow separation of mics into individual mixer gating groups for greater configuration flexibility
  • 32 presets can be executed on-the-fly without disturbing other ongoing preset operations
  • 255 Macros for customized audio control/configuration with single command execution
  • No space required between rack mounted units

Technical Specifications

Audio Performance
Conditions: Unless otherwise specified, all measurements are performed from 20 Hz to 22 kHz BW limit (no weighting)
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 22 kHz
+/- 1 dB
Noise (EIN): -126 dBu, 20 kHz BW, max gain
Rs= 150 ohm
THD+ Noise: <0.02%
Dynamic Range: >105 dB (non A-weighted)
Crosstalk: <-91 dB re 20 dBu full band.
Mic/Line Inputs 1-8
Push-on mini-terminal block, balanced, bridging
Impedance: > 5 K ohm
Nominal Level: adjustable -56 dBu to 0 dBu
(7dB step coarse gain adjustment)
Maximum Level: -65 to +20 dBu
Phantom Power: 24V, selectable
Line Inputs 9-12
Push-on mini-terminal block, balanced, bridging
Impedance: > 5 K ohm
Nominal Level: 0 dBu
Maximum Level: 20 dBu
Output 1-8
Push-on mini-terminal block, balanced, bridging
Impedance: < 50 ohm
Nominal Level: 0 dBu
Maximum Level: 20 dBu
Auto Mixer Parameters
Number of Open Microphones (NOM)
PA Adaptive Mode
First Mic Priority Mode
Maximum # of Mics
Ambient Level
Gate Threshold Adjust
Off Attenuation Adjust
Hold Time
Decay Rate
Chairman Override
96 Total Microphones per site
6- Global Gating Groups
4- Internal Gating Groups
Matrix Mixing Parameters
8- Microphone Analog Inputs
4- Analog Line Inputs
8- Analog Line Outputs
4- Power Amplifier Outputs
18- Expansion Bus in/out
8- Assignable Processing Blocks in/out
Assignable Processing Blocks
Filters: All Pass, Low Pass, High Pass, Low shelving, High shelving, PEQ, Notch, Crossovers, CD Horn
Delay: adjustable up to 250 ms
Power Amplifier Output Processing
FeedBack Elimination w/ring cancellation
10-band EQ filter
4-node filter bank for Crossover
Delay Block
Noise Gate for Hiss Control
Sound Masking Generator per channel
Adaptive Volume Control
Multi Channel Control
Microphone Processing
4-node filter bank
Power Amplifiers
Channels: 4
Amplifier Output: 4×35 Watts into 8 ohm
Impedance: Selectable 8 ohm, 70V, 100V
THD + Noise: <0.2% (1/3 Power)
Crosstalk: <-68 dB
Expansion Bus
Connection: CAT 5, RJ45
Mix Minus Structure
18 Audio Buses
6 Gating Buses
8 Reference Buses
10/100 Auto Switching (PC and Network Port)
HTTP Server
Telnet Client
SNMP Agent
SMTP Client
9.6k – 115k baud
Hardware Flow Control
Version 2.0 compatible
Type: B-connector
DB 25 female (A/B)
Inputs: Active Low
Outputs: Open Collector, 40Vdc, 40 mA
100-240VAC; 50/60 Hz,
300 Watts (maximum)
Idle: 139 BTU/hr
Full Load: 779 BTU/hr
Efficiency: >80%
15 to 80%
Dimensions: 2RU
3.5” H x 17.25” W x 15.92” D
Weight: < 30 lbs.
Operating temperature:
32-122 degrees F
Industry Canada
Class 2 Wiring Required

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