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Contemporary Research ICE-HE-DXL | Display Control Center

Contemporary Research

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The ICE-HE-DXL Display Control Center is an intelligent solution for through-the-coax RF display control, able to insert an RF command channel, sending data from Display Express software and custom control system, as well hosting embedded Display Express Lite Web control pages. Control commands are sent over RF as a micro data channel in a gap between channels 4 and 5. An RF input is available for two-way operation in legacy systems.

Front-panel menus and USB port simplify setup, and firmware updates. Display Express PCs and control systems can connect via Ethernet, RS-232 or USB. DX Lite control commands operate independently from the external control ports. The half-rack enclosure can be mounted by itself or next to Contemporary Research RF amplifiers and combiners.

Display Express Lite is an embedded Web app that can control up to 128 TVs arranged in any number of groups and 24 channels. It’s simple to set up and use via a smartphone or tablet – just touch a group or individual TVs, then touch a channel. Done – it’s that easy.

Optional Display Express software operates a service on Windows-driven PCs, serving Web pages for system setup, scheduling and control. Any number of customized control panels can be created and assigned to users. The software is fully scalable, able to network over 4,000 TVs facility-wide. All features are created by onboard Web pages; not custom programming is required.
Custom control systems can connect to the Display Control Center via RS-232 or Ethernet, sending commands via the published Contemporary Research ICC-Net protocol, controlling all TVs through a single control port.

Applications include sports and entertainment venues, commercial and civic facilities, airports, factories, schools, and houses of worship.

Key Features

  • Receives commands via RS-232 or Ethernet
  • Networks up to 4,000 TVs through an in-house RF coax system
  • Sends commands to individual devices, zones, or all units
  • Interacts with CR Display Express software, onboard DX Lite software, or custom control systems
  • Employs a front-panel LCD display for setup and status information

Technical Specifications

Size:- 8.5" [316mm] wide x 1.75" [38mm] height (1RU) x 8" [203mm] deep
Weight:- 1.5 lbs [680 g]
Enclosure: Aluminum with durable black powder coat paint
Mounting: Shelf or 19” equipment rack with RK1 or RK2EZ rack kits

Front Panel
Display: Text Display, white text on blue LCD:
Control Buttons: Setup, Select and Up, Down, Left, Right buttons
Mini USB Port: Firmware updates

Back Panel
Control Connections
Ports can operate simultaneously; DX Lite communication is independent from external ports
Ethernet: 10/100BASE-T RJ-45 jack with TX/RX LEDs
RS-232: DB9 female, RS-232 data link to control system or PC
2 RX
3 TX
USB: USB Mini, virtual com port typically for RS-232 control from external Display Express PC
I/O 1 & 2: 6-pin captive screw terminal, max 50 mA, 12 VDC, switch to GND, not operational at present
1 +12 VDC
2 Output 2
3 Output 1
2 Input 2
3 Input 1
iCC-Net Connections
RF In: (Only for legacy 2-way applications)‘F’, female, 75 ohm impedance, RF and iCC-Net from CATV system
Data Receive: Carried over the same RF coax connection as TV channels
Return signal from system controllers
Sub-band, 5.6MHz, narrow-band signal below standard sub-band channels
-15 to +35 dBmV signal level (0 to +15 dBmV nominal)
RF Out: F’, female, 75 ohm impedance, RF to CATV distribution to controllers
Data Transmit: Mid-band VHF, 74.7 MHz, narrow-band signal between channels 4 and 5
– 80 KHz max carrier deviation
+14 – 45 dBmV, adjustable from front panel, Typical settings:
14 dBmV when connected to Low 9 port on QCA9-33
29 dBmV when connected to QCA9-33 RF In 1-8, or QDA4-45 RF In 1-4
45 dBmV when combined with 45-55 dBmV channels
Power Connections
Power In: 2.1mm coaxial jack (inside center conductor positive),
11 to 18 VDC, 12 VDC typical, 200 mA maximum
PS12-500 12 VDC Power Supply, 500 mA 110/220 VAC, 60/50 Hz
RKU, Universal Rack Mount Kit


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