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Fujifilm XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR Lens

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  • 35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 24-84mm
  • Maximum Aperture: F2.8
  • 17 elements in 12 groups with 3 aspherical and 3 ED elements



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There’s almost always a compromise between the convenience of a zoom’s adaptable focal lengths and the image quality it can deliver, but FUJINON XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR is a different breed of lens. This lens is built to offer the versatility of a zoom lens with the ultimate image quality of a prime and is a fast, standard zoom providing a constant F2.8 aperture throughout. This makes it incredibly useful across a broad range of subjects, even in challenging lighting conditions.

The zoom uses leading-edge optical technology and lens coatings that draw on Fujifilm’s esteemed heritage in optical design. It has a construction of 17 elements in 12 groups, which includes three aspherical elements to reduce distortions and spherical aberrations, while three extra-low dispersion elements are also used to control chromatic aberrations and increase clarity.

Fujifilm’s proprietary High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating (HT-EBC) is used to eliminate reflections and Nano GI coating is applied to control ghosting and flare caused by light bouncing around inside the lens. In doing so, this cutting-edge technology improves the quality of light hitting the sensor, which increases overall image quality. The XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR also uses a rounded, nine-bladed aperture design to provide smooth and circular bokeh for outstanding subject separation.

A standard zoom like the XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR is anything but standard in terms of the subjects it lets you cover without changing lenses. From wide angle to short telephoto, this is a small lens with huge scope. At 16mm, you can record every detail in big landscape scenes, towering architecture, or cramped interiors. Zoom in to 24mm or 35mm and you’ve got a perfect lens for groups, street, or documentary photos. And up around 50mm, you’re perfectly placed for portraits and close-ups. Of course, there’s every focal length between those settings to make use of, too.

All of the XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WRs versatility and image quality would be for nothing without great AF performance to back it up. This lens uses a high-speed linear motor that can focus as fast as 0.02 seconds, *1 so it’ll react to the moment just as fast as you do. Combine the fast AF with Fujifilm’s Face/Eye Detection AF technology for perfect portraits, or use it in Zone or Tracking mode on action subjects.

READY FOR ALL ENVIRONMENTS – Any professional walk around lens needs to be ready to go in all shooting conditions, especially adverse weather. The dust- and moisture-resistant construction of the lens allows you to immerse yourself in shooting, whatever the weather.

Key Features

  • 35mm Equivalent Focal Length: 24-84mm
  • Maximum Aperture: F2.8
  • 17 elements in 12 groups with 3 aspherical and 3 ED elements
  • Weight: 655g (1.44lb)
  • Filter Size: 77mm

Technical Specifications

Lens Configuration
17 elements in 12 groups
(Includes 3 aspherical and 3 ED elements)
Focal Length
35mm Equivalent Focal Length
Angle of View
Maximum Aperture
Minimum Aperture
Number of Aperture Blades
9 (rounded diaphragm opening)
Aperture Step Size
1/3EV (19 steps)
Minimum Focusing Distance – Telephoto (cm)
Minimum Focusing Distance – Telephoto (in)
Maximum Magnification
0.16x (Telephoto)
Lens Diameter (mm)
Lens Length (mm)
Lens Length (in)
Lens Length – Extended (mm)
Lens Length – Extended (in)
Lens Weight (g)
Lens Weight (lb)
Filter Size
Approximate External Lens Dimensions
83.3mm x 106mm (Wide)/ 129.5mm (Telephoto)
What’s Included
FLCP-77 Lens cap
RLCP-001 Rear lens cap
Lens hood
Wrapping cloth

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