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Roland VT-12-BU Metronome Tuner Compact Vocal Trainer Blue (Used)


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Vocal Guide Trainer

From music school to home, from recording studio to backstage dressing room, the pocket-sized VT-12 is your ultimate traveling vocal coach. With a variety of built-in exercises and warm-ups for improving your vocal skills, the VT-12 provides real-time analysis of your pitch while you sing so you can visualize your progress. The illuminated pitch meter displays your pitch, and can even detect two singers simultaneously for two-part harmony training in equal temperament and just intonation. The VT-12 also has onboard vocal guides and backing tracks based on the bundled book from Berklee Press (the publishing division of Berklee College of Music), plus 50 etudes from the world-standard Concone classical vocal lessons.

“The VT-12 is an ideal integration of a tuner, recorder, metronome, and a comprehensive vocal method. The VT-12 contains all of the elements required for vocal training in an easy-to-use, handheld device. There are a lot of different tools for other instrumentalists, but there’s nothing like the VT-12 because this is particularly for singers, and I think it’s an indispensible tool for vocal training for teachers and students alike.” – Anne Peckham (Chair, Voice Department, Berklee College of Music)

Key Features

  • Visually check your pitch in half-step increments with the illuminated pitch meter
  • Detects two singers simultaneously for two-part harmony training in equal temperament and just intonation
  • Onboard audio exercises with guide vocals and backing tracks, plus a companion book from Berklee Press; for warm-ups and basic-level exercises, the pitch meter displays your pitch against the internal guide vocal for comparison
  • World-standard Concone Op. 9 Fifty Lessons classical voice exercises with piano accompaniment and melody guide tracks; the VT-12 displays the pitch of the guide melody and your pitch simultaneously
  • Review function for instant playback to hear your performance
  • REC IN jack (stereo mini) for recording songs and other lesson content
  • Attachable template for teaching and practicing in the Solfége format with moveable Do
  • Metronome with tap tempo
  • Built-in tilt stand for desktop use
  • Runs on two AA-size batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable)

Technical Specifications

Tuning Range
C2 (65.4 Hz) to A5 (880.0 Hz)
Tuning Accuracy
+/-1 cent
Reference Tone
Reference Pitch A4 = 415 to 465 Hz (1 Hz steps)
Reference Tone Range
A3 G#5 (24 notes in the chromatic scale)
30 to 250
+/-0.1 %
[User Track]
Track length
Maximum 10 minutes (per track)
Number of tracks
Maximum 10 tracks
Nominal Input Level
REC IN jack: 0 dBu
Input Impedance
REC IN jack: 9.5 k ohms
Output Level
OUTPUT/PHONES jack: 15 mW + 15 mW (In case 16 ohms load)
Recommended Load Impedance
16 ohms or greater
OUTPUT/PHONES jack (Stereo miniature phone type) REC IN jack (Stereo miniature phone type) DC IN jack
7 segments, 3 characters (LED) Pitch indicator
Power Supply
Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) or Rechargeable Ni-MH battery (AA, HR6) x 2, AC adaptor (PSB-6U: sold separately)
Current Draw
380 mA
Expected Battery Life Under Continuous Use
Alkaline (AA, LR6): Approx. 6 hours * These figures will vary depending on the specifications of the batteries and the actual conditions of use.
Alkaline battery (AA, LR6) x 2 DoReMi sheet Owner’s manual Practice guide Track List
[Size and Weight]
70 mm
2-13/16 inches
134 mm
5-5/16 inches
28 mm
1-1/8 inches
150 g
0 lbs. 6 oz.


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